Methodology for the 2021 Report and Gender & Food Index

The Global Food 50/50 Report reviews 52 global food system organizations. These are global organizations (operational in more than three countries). Data are drawn from the 2021 Global Health 50/50 Report, which reviews 201 organizations active in global health, including those that aim to influence global health policy even if it is not their core function. The sample covers organizations from 10 sectors, headquartered in 37 countries, which together employ over 4.5 million people.

A short web review was carried out to determine which organizations in the GH5050 sample also have activities in food systems, including agriculture, fisheries, nutrition, trade, and consultancy in the food sector among other activities. Based on this analysis, 52 organizations from 8 sectors were selected for inclusion.

Data are derived through a rigorous methodology that is consistent with established systematic review research methods. At least two reviewers extract each data item independently, and a third reviewer verifies the data. Data are coded according to content, using a traffic light system. 

Data are drawn from a snapshot of publicly available information collected between October 2020 and February 2021. Most data come from publicly available websites, though organizations are invited to share some internal human resource policies confidentially for review. Transparency and accountability are closely related — by relying on publicly available data, the report aims to hold organizations to account, including for having gender-related policies accessible to the public. Following completion of data collection, each organization receives their preliminary results and is invited to provide any additional information, documentation, or policies to review. Results are shared again with all organizations before publication for verification.

Access the policies

As part of its annual review of a larger sample of 201 global organizations, from which the GF5050 data is drawn, Global Health 50/50 collates and publishes all publicly available workplace policies that are included in the review. These policies can be found via the links below.

Access detailed findings on Anti-sexual harassment policies, Parental leave policies and Gender pay gap here: 

Access organisations’ publicly available workplace policies here: